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Coming in August, a special block of the week, designed by Kimberbell.  What is it going to look like?  Only Kimberbell knows! Sign up now for $10, to guarantee Texas Quilt Barn reserves your Love Notes bundle.  Available in either a sewing or machine embroidery version, this is not a valentines' theme quilt.  It is a quilt about personal connections.

Love Notes, the mystery quilt by Kimberbell, is coming Summer 2020!  Details are slowly coming in, but we are excited to share with you what we know so far! 

The project will be available as either a sewing or machine embroidery version.  There is a fabric kit with 25 fabrics and an embellishment kit with 26 embellishments!.

The project is a Block of Week, to run during the five weeks of August.  Each week, you will work on a different section of the quilt, but you won't know how it goes together until the very end!  Each week, Texas Quilt Barn will send you a Love Note with the directions for that week.  Then, each Monday, Kimberbell will release a video as a sew-along.

We also know that while it may be themed Love Notes, this is no Valentines quilt!  It is sure to be designed with the whimsy and care that all Kimberbell products are made with. The finished quilt will measure 40 x 40.

So how do you participate?

First, let us know you want to sign up.  The cost is $ 10 to sign up and guarantee we have a kit reserved for you.
Then...wait.  And wait.. Until July, when we charge your card for the rest of the kit.  The REMAINING Cost of the Embroidery Version kit is $ 159.99 and the REMAINING Cost of the Sewing Version kit is $129.99.  It includes the sewing pattern (divided into 5 parts, that we will mail you for free one at a time), the fabric kit in a collectible box with fabric for the top and binding, and the embellishment with all the embellishments you need.  We will mail the fabric and embellishment kit with the pattern for week 1 in early August.

Finally...beginning August 3, Sew Along with Texas Quilt Barn and Kimberbell each week to complete your project.

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