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HOWDY and Welcome to Texas Quilt Barn!
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     So you finished your quilt top… Now what?
First of all, Congratulations on completing your quilt top or project! Whether you are an accomplished sewer or just getting started, sometimes just completing the top is a challenge! You can now enjoy the ease of having your project professionally quilted with an edge to edge design on our state-of-the-art Innova longarm quilting machine. Our Innova M28 is equipped with an autopilot, computerized system that allows for regulated stitching, precision tension, and improved durability that results in a quilt or project that is not only a step above but will also last for years to come.

What is Longarm Quilting?

  • A longarm quilting machine allows for the “quilt sandwich”, made up of the backing, batting, and top, to be loaded onto a frame and then stitched together all at once.
  • Once the customer selects an edge-to-edge design, the pattern is sewn onto the quilt sandwich. Because the stitching is computerized it provides a clean and even stitch, resulting in a quality product that will last.
  • The longarm process allows the customer to complete a quilt much faster and with less strain from either hand quilting or using a domestic machine. The customer not only gets to choose the edge-to-edge design but also the color of thread and how dense of quilting desired. These options allow for a wide range of possibilities and for the creative juices to flow.

The Longarm Quilting Process at the Barn:

We will walk you through the steps of checking in your project and making the necessary choices to start the quilting process.

  • When making an appointment to check in your quilt, you have several choices:
    • Text Kayla at (832) 595-5467
    • Email us at
  • Once you arrive for your appointment, you will be walked through the intake form and the choices necessary.
    • Top and Backing: 
      • Bring in the pieced top you desire to have quilted.
      • You can choose and purchase any fabric in the shop or bring any backing of your choice. We have a growing selection of 108” wide backings and Shannon Cuddle options available.
  • Measurements of the quilt top and backing will be done.
    • Please Note: Due to the loading process, a MINIMUM of 4” will need to be added to all four sides of the quilt top measurements.
      • For Example: If your quilt top measures 60” x 80” the backing will need to be at least 68” x 88.
  • Edge-to-Edge Design
    • Now this is where the fun begins!
    • Shop samples, a portfolio, and digital examples are available to assist you when it comes to Edge-to-Edge Design. Our pattern library is rapidly growing to allow for almost endless possibilities for an edge-to-edge design. Please feel free to bring in any ideas that you have in mind.
  1. Thread Color:
    • Depending on personal style and preference, we have a wide variety of colors/finishes of thread available. We offer matte, shiny, and variegated colors to allow for the quilting to be the star of the show or simply compliment the fabrics/piecing of the top. 
  2. Batting: We also provide a variety of additional services including binding, piecing and/or ironing the backing.
    • When it comes to batting, we offer several varieties of Hobbs 80/20 blend, as well as wool options.
    • We have natural, bleached white, and black.
  3. Once all the decisions have been made, your quilt will then be put into the que for quilting. You will usually be receiving a phone call about your almost completed project within 2-3 weeks. All that will be left is the binding, unless previously requested.

Please check out helpful tips and Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. These can also be found under the Longarm Services Tab at the top of the page. 


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