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Frequently Asked Questions About Longarm Services

How will it cost to have my project professional quilted on a longarm?
  • Here at the Barn, we charge $0.02 per square inch. To calculate that cost, multiply the length of the quilt top by the width of the quilt top and then by 0.02.
    • For Example: For a quilt measuring 60" x 80": 60 x 80 = 4800 x 0.02 = $96
    • Please note: This does not include any additional fees, such as, batting, thread, and taxes.

Can I use my own batting?
  • Yes, you can however due to the way it is typically folded, there are many folds and wrinkles that make it difficult to guarantee quality results.
  • We do have a variety of batting options available by the roll, which reduces wrinkles and only has one fold that is much easier to manage when loading it on the longarm frame. Batting can be purchased by the inch. This will be added into the quilting cost.
    • Please Note: Due to the loading process a MINIMUM of 4” excess will need to be added to all four sides of the quilt top measurement. For Example: If your quilt top measures 60” x 80” the batting will need to be at least 68” x 88”.

Will my quilt be trimmed after quilting?
  • Yes I will trim the quilt sandwich ¼ inch from the quilt top, unless this is discussed during check-in. The quilt will not be "squared up", meaning it may need additional trimming depending on personal preference. Any extra backing fabric will be returned when the quilt is picked up.

Can I have the binding added to my quilt?
  • Yes, we can machine bind your quilt for an additional fee to be discussed during the check-in process.

How long will it take to have my project quilted?
  • This really depends on how many quilts are ahead of yours in the que. Typically our goal is between 2-3 weeks. If this changes or you need something sooner please ask during the check-in process.

Do you offer custom quilting?
  • At this time, we strictly do edge-to edge, but we do have several people we can refer you to. Please contact the shop if are you interested in having your project custom quilted.

Can the top thread and bobbin be different colors?
  • No, during the selection of backing and thread color it is important to consider that the top thread and bobbin will be the same color.

What type of backing can I use?
  • Cotton and flannel are most popular, however, knits and Shannon Cuddle also make great choices.

Which direction should my seams go when piecing the backing?
  • 1/2 inch horizontal seams are preferred due to the framing process. A vertical seam creates bulk/ridge when on the rollers, making it very difficult to keep everything square and the appropriate tension. This is very important and help produce the best quality service.

Do I need to baste/pins my quilt sandwich together?

  • No, your backing, batting, and quilt top will be loaded onto the longarm frame separately and then basted as needed.

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